Miz En Place -[meez à plas], literally “putting in place”
Refers to the prep that each cook does to get their station ready for service. For us it’s about having everything associated with culinary, wine and travel in one place ready for you.

Coming soon - Miz En Place portal for great food, wine and travel. The culinary world is filled with great stories and the passion of the people who bring you the wonderful creations that are here for us to enjoy.  Our goal is to allow you to experience the wonderful people, products and establishments that make up this exciting industry and give you access to their creations.

In addition we are providing content creation for the food and wine world to help them expand their reach and serve more people.

We are currently offering  -

Social Media
Phone apps

Check back with us soon for the site launch. In the meantime sign up to become a friend of Miz so we can keep you posted on the latest in the culinary and wine world as well as special offers from our vendors.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Rico and Adam